Because the combination of flawless features and harmonious aesthetics is hard to find and even harder to ignore...

Experience card-based access like never before. CardGuard integrates advanced RFID technology with an intuitive mobile app, making access management a breeze. Plus, stay connected with the Ankh mobile app, granting access remotely and receiving instant notifications. Elevate your security with Ankh – where innovation meets peace of mind.

About Mnemonic Guide: SRO5

Smart Techology

RFID Card Reader

Manual Key

Mobile App

Pin/Password Protection

Finger Print Reader

Type of Passwords

Dynamic Password

Limited Time Password

Permanent Password

Locking Modes

Auto Locking Mode

Privacy Locking Mode


Low Battery


Lock Dimension : 250mm X 60mm

Door Thickness : 35mm X 80mm

Product Weight : 1.8Kg

Mortise : 5050

Battery Type

4 AA Battery

One time fully charged Battery can run for 12-13 Months

Turn lever handle in upward direction after closing the door

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