Because the combination of flawless features and harmonious aesthetics is hard to find and even harder to ignore...

Connect to total control. Ultima Connect unifies biometric access, RFID cards, and mobile app functionality into a seamless security experience, putting you in charge from anywhere.Plus, stay connected with the Ankh mobile app, granting access remotely and receiving instant notifications. Elevate your security with Ankh – where innovation meets peace of mind.

About Mnemonic Guide: PR05

Smart Techology

RFID Card Reader

Manual Key

Mobile App

Pin/Password Protection

Finger Print Reader

Type of Passwords

Dynamic Password

Limited Time Password

Permanent Password

Locking Modes


Lock Dimension : 365mm X 75mm

Door Thickness : 35mm X 90mm

Product Weight : 2.8Kg

Mortise : 6068

Battery Type

4 AA Battery

One time fully charged Battery can run for 12-13 Months

Turn lever handle in upward direction after closing the door

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