Ankhlocks introduces a new perspective to home security with its integrated range of Digital Home Security Solutions; allowing you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, as per your specific lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience.

So it’s time to move to a smarter way of life -it’s time to “REinventAccess”!

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Smart Passwords:

The SMART PASSWORD technology allows you to hide your numeric password between random numbers. Let's assume that your password is 12345678; the Smart Password function allows you to hide this password before, after or in between other random digits, for example: 9876123456784901, The password can be set up to 8 or 12 digits while the random cushioning numbers can be included up to 30 digits. The Smart Password function is helpful when you don't want to reveal your password to a person standing next to you while you are accessing your home.

Smart Voice:

Every Digital Lock from Ankh talks to you during the instances at which you engage with the lock. These interactive engagements could include step-by-step voice guidance by the lock while adding: user, setting a password or enabling a function/mode; or simple voice notifications from the lock about various operative modes or incorrect usage of the lock.

Smart Etiquettes:

Since every digital lock from Ankh talks to you, it is pertinent to have the right etiquettes to adjust the volume of the lock voice. This technology allows you to seamlessly adjust the voice volume or put it on mute, especially when you are entering-your home in the wee hours of morning ensuring that your neighbours are not jolted out of their sleep by your talking lock

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